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Pinnacle Yacht Sales UK

Our aim at Pinnacle Yacht Sales UK is to build on the solid foundations of our long running and successful yacht brokerage office in Corfu, Greece, and effectively mirror this high level of service within the UK further promoting yachts for sale in Greece, alongside selected yachts for sale in the UK. In order to achieve this aim, it is vital to have the right people onboard who share the same vision about how every aspect of the yacht brokerage process should be professionally handled. We set out to find the right person to fulfil this demanding task, when into the breach stepped Steve Clemens, who heads up the UK operation and fills this role superbly! 

Steve has the unique combination of being an experienced yachtsman with his own yacht bought, kept and cruised in Greece, combined with senior management and people skills developed in various roles of responsibility both in the RAF and the private sector, along with several years of yacht brokerage experience. Steve is regularly visiting Greece, both to spend time sailing his own yacht and keeping up to date with the yachts we are listing for sale there. You can therefore discuss confidently the different aspects of the yachts for sale in Greece with Steve as he has seen most of them personally. He can of course also advise in detail on every aspect of buying, keeping and cruising a yacht in Greece with his first-hand experience, having done just this himself. You can rest assured that Steve’s personal knowledge is both accurate, honest and up to date. 

Pinnacle Yacht Sales in Corfu, Greece, was originally formed and is still operated by Colin Craig. Colin has worked professionally in the yachting industry since 1996, having previously been a time served toolmaker/engineer. He has had various roles within the yachting industry, initially as a flotilla engineer and skipper, before working with charter fleets in Australia and Greece, then as engineer/mate on a 28m yacht in Mallorca. He has had his own yacht maintenance business before starting his own yacht charterand yacht brokerage operations in Greece, alongside his partner Sue Nicholls who ensures the administration side of the businesses run smoothly. 

With the first-hand knowledge gained by Colin, Sue and Steve having bought, kept and sailed their own yachts in Greece and the UK, the team at Pinnacle Yacht Sales has a wide ranging set of skills combined with a vast amount of knowledge and experience gained over many years in the marine industry and offer you the benefit of this in the sale or purchase of your yacht.

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